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Similan Tour

This is Thailand’s best Marine National Park and is scheduled to become a World Heritage Site - Skin-Diver Magazine has acclaimed it one of the ten most beautiful places in the world for above and under water scenery. In short - this is how a tropical paradise should look like!

The fact that nobody has lived here and the distance from Phuket and the mainland is what has kept these islands in such a good shape. And the damage from the last El Nino is almost gone. There are nine islands in the park and they are numbered 1 - 9 starting from the south. Because these are the oldest coral reefs in Thailand, some 5000 years old, there is an enormous diversity in species - both in fish and corals. And the visibility is the best you will find in Thailand!

The dramatic scenery of big granite boulders continues under water, the west side of the islands are exposed to the south-west monsoon that brings rain, strong winds and waves in the summer, (mid May - October). On the protected east side you will find the best corals and beaches - and they must be some of the whitest best beaches anywhere! This gives great variation from dramatic rocks at the west side to white sand beaches and coral reefs in the east.

During the monsoon the National Park is closed so you can only visit from October to May.

Why go with Poseidon Similan Tour? Because we run a snorkelling only live aboard, we have over 20 years experience, it's the least expensive live aboard tour, recommended by most guide books, we have a very comfortable boat, very good food and it's FUN!

See for updated pictures from EVERY tour and comments from customers!

Snorkeling at Similan Islands

It’s now more than twenty years since we started our popular Similan Tours, giving the non diver or diver on a budget the same opportunity as those on the dive boats to see these spectacular islands and reefs at a third of the price and without a noisy compressor to refill dive tanks.

Our 3 day / 2 night trips depart every Tuesday and Friday morning from the end of October to May and we will take you all around the islands. They are spread out over 20 km so you need a few days to appreciate them - they are well worth it! The tour starts from Poseidon at 07:00 on day one (we serve breakfast on the boat) and we return to the mainland at around 17:00 on day three. Weather permitting we go to all the islands and also to Ko Bon north of the Similans; here we have the best chance to see manta rays.

So what can you see on a trip? I cannot give any guarantees but we do see turtles most of the time, dolphins often, manta ray sometimes and whales seldom. But you always see lots of coral and coral fish, including eels, clownfish, parrot fish, octopus and so on; and we do see as much or even more as the divers do, because we spend more time in the water! To see pictures from every trip see our Facebook page -

We move to different locations in the day and find a nice, quiet bay to stay at night. The boat seldom stays far from the shore so there is always the choice of snorkelling or visiting the beaches. For the diver who just wants to do a few dives we offer a special arrangement at the Similans. Once at sea we can communicate via radio with cooperating stationary dive boats and if they have free space we can transfer you to their boat for the dive(s). The price is around 1400 Baht for a dive all incl. and you will have to pay them directly in cash.

The best of all is the price for our tour, it is only 9900 Baht per person for 3 days / 2 nights (We reserve the right to add an additional fuel surcharge to cope with the rising fuel prices) - all included except the National Park fee:

"Poseidon Bungalows runs a highly recommended three day snorkeling tour to the Similan Islands". - Rough Guide.

You can leave extra bags and luggage that you do not need on the snorkel trip here at Poseidon Bungalows, we will store it for free. We also have a safe-box if you do not want to bring valuables. We hope to see you soon at the Similans!

For reservations please e-mail us under
Telephone: (also good for SMS): 087 89 59 204 (international: +66 878 95 92 04)

What to bring? You do not need a lot, but bring:

The Boat

Our boat ”Choke Duang Ta” was designed and built by us for the trips. She is 16 meters long and 4 meters wide. We take 17 passengers and a crew of five: Captain, first mate, Western English-speaking guide, and two cooks.

She is equipped with a six cylinder, 16-litre diesel engine, hydraulic marine gearbox, hydraulic steering, two western toilets with a septic tank, fresh water shower, satellite navigation, depth finder and two-way radio. She carries 1600 litres of fresh water for the shower and 500 litres of diesel. We have life jackets and a small boat with outboard engine to bring you in to the beach. And at night when we run the 220 V generator you can charge batteries.

She is licensed by the Harbour Department, the Tourist Authority of Thailand and the National Park and all passengers are insured. The biggest change we made over the years is to the sleeping area. We have installed air condition and it's a lot bigger, with wide bunks for sleeping. There are five double bunks and seven single. But for those who want to it's still possible to sleep out under the stars…

We try to make the trips as ecologically sound as possible, no garbage is thrown overboard, there is a septic tank for the toilets, and we never drop the anchor on the reef. Instead we stay on moorings / buoys. Cruising speed is 9 knots and the journey to the Similans takes around four hours.

Scuba Diving

For the scuba diver we can make reservations for trips to the Similan islands and also on some trips to the Surin islands further to the North. Remember that going as a non-diver on these trips you will be just that: a non-diver on a dive boat.

Reservations can be made for all major operators from Khao Lak. They operate out of Thap Lamu Harbour, near Poseidon Bungalows.

As prices change frequently we do not put them in here. Trips for 1, 2, 3 and 4 days are possible. When booking with us you will never pay more and sometimes less than for a direct booking! E-mail us for current prices!

You can also take a dive course in Khao Lak. Prices are around 9 000 Baht and upwards.